Utilizing continuous flow and lean manufacturing techniques to speed products through the factory, build in quality and reduce inventories

Implement a business strategy that:
  1. Responds rapidly to customer demands
  2. Reduces cycle time
  3. Builds quality into the process
  4. Minimizes waste and inventory
    (can achieve 20+ inventory turns)
  5. Maximizes resource flexibility
  6. Simplifies production management
Implementation Steps:
  1. Map existing product process steps
  2. Develop a mixed-model process map
  3. Develop the new sequence of events
  4. Design capacity for product demand
  5. Calculate operational and total
    product cycle times
  6. Balance production lines
  7. Establish type and size of kanbans
  8. Document methods
  9. Train personnel
  10. Rearrange factory flow
  11. Follow up

Extend the continuous flow strategy into product marketing and forecasting responsibilities for superior customer service and accelerate the change process with others tools from Sayles Engineering Management Consulting

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